martes, 4 de mayo de 2010

Christmas tree

So we got out of the car and he told me he had a secret spot that I would most definitely love.We started walking towards the park, the night was dark but it was lighted by the street lights.It was also noisy, even thought it was 1 in the morning kids were still playing in the park,well, it was summer after all. We got into the park and started walking, he leading of course. He pointed out at a bench and said "Right there".
We stepped into the grass and walked in diagonal to reach the bench. Once there we sat downand and he said. "Look up"
I had never seen something prettier or more romantic in a long long time.We were sitting down a christmas tree, made entirely of christmas lights. The view from the bench was unbelievable, we could see the center of it and the way every single light was tangled together to form the most beautiful christmas tree. Even though there was no romance between us, I felt in the most romantic scene from an Indie movie ever. It felt special, like no one was able to noticed this spot that was actually at everybody's sight. Maybe everybody saw it, but no one actually realized how special and magical it was.

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